If you think you could benefit from a Thermal screening solution but are not sure if this is something you will need installing professionally long term or can justify the price of such an installation you can rent a fever screening solution. This is a perfect way to test the benefits of our thermal screening solutions without the commitment. With fever screening hire available from as little as one week or one event!

This solution is perfect for getting people back to work confidently and where you can stream all visitors through one common entrance so everyone including employees and visitors are scanned. It can’t stop the virus but it can help shield your organisation from someone entering the facility who may have a fever, even if they don’t know themselves! This will help your vistors feel safe and show them your doing all you can to confidently help them return to work or to enter your facility confidently knowing you have done what you can to protect them alongside other Social distancing measures.

We have the facility to offer a fully set up solution that is perfect for receptions, office blocks, factories that scan multiple visitors at the same time several hundred per hour and instantly alert you to anyone who may be at risk of spreading Covid 19 or another virus related fever.

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