Why use Fever Screening or Temperature check Technology for Events

Thermal Fever Screening cameras and or Wrist Temperature devices can be used effectively to help visitors to your Event, conference or meeting to feel more confident that appropriate measures have been taken!

The simplest and most cost-effective form of this for Events is a wrist scanner, these are usually positioned at the entrance and all guests arriving are asked to scan their wrist.

The non-contact thermal Fever Screening device will then indicate that they are OK to enter and currently not showing any signs of a fever. The units can be set to alert the doorman or ticket collector should a visitor arrive at an event with a temperature, this can be audible or visual.

This type of system is non-intrusive but given the Covid 19 outbreak guests arriving for an event or conference will feel safer and more assured that appropriate measures have been taken to ensure their safety.

How do they work

Our latest Thermal wrist scanners can be fitted on stands or wall mounted and it’s just a case of simply raising your hand to the device to access the reading. They use extremely accurate non touch sensors and can be set to alarm at a range of different temperatures.

We offer a RENTAL and installation Service for all events.