Why use Fever Screening Technology in Education

Thermal Fever Screening cameras can be used to help monitor visitors to your school, University or event to quickly pinpoint those people who may be suffering from a fever.

There are a number of Thermal solutions now available in the UK, all work in the same way but all give differing results and accuracy levels. Accuracy is key and unless they have 99.7% or above they are not worth using in the healthcare profession!

For example this type Thermal solution has been used successfully to help stop people entering the facility who may be a risk, it cant stop it but with other measures can help combat the spread.

How do they work

Our latest Thermal Camera Solutions offer the latest technology that has been recognised for its ability to provide precise temperature accuracy of 99.7% Allowing for quick, accurate detection of elevated body temperatures.

The system works by using a second “Blackbody” as a constant temperature reference point. By setting the Blackbody to 35°c, the special Thermal camera is able to use this as a temperature reference point.

Our Special Fever Screening Thermal Cameras use the latest technology to detect even the tiniest changes in temperature making them efficient and reliable as they also use facial recognition to ensure the system only takes temperature readings from the forehead.